Monthly Archive for February, 2007

Here’s a Danish Dvorak layout

My brother Jan became hooked on the Dvorak keyboard layout years ago and has praised it sky-high. It seems smarter than the regular Qwerty keyboard layout, but it’s not being used for reasons of tradition: Qwerty has been the industry for a hundred years, who cares if it’s really impractical? The users will learn to deal with it.┬áBesides, Qwerty is the default on every device out there, and the whole world has already struggled to learn ten-finger typing on it.

So why switch? One has to learn something first, but it might as well be something smart. That’s why. Continue reading ‘Here’s a Danish Dvorak layout’

Time for an old brain

I recently switched from a Psion to a Windows PDA, and I’m beginning to regret it (except for the gained experience). As it turns out, my fears and objections against Windows Mobile are mostly true: Continue reading ‘Time for an old brain’

Why didn’t I anticipate this?

As I’ve written before, I switched from my Psion to a PDA-phone. Such an all-in-one device is useful, but I had not realized one result of this: While I’m holding my phone to the ear, I can’t access my PDA! Try checking your calendar while on the phone… oops.

Of course, this is exactly why I have a Bluetooth headset, and when I use that, there’s no problem. Except that the PDA’s Bluetooth radio seems rather poor; the other party hears me through static noise much of the time. What good is a quality headset if the PDA can’t cope?