Monthly Archive for May, 2007

A little like Christmas

This Friday, we’re picking up our new cell phones. I can hardly wait! Continue reading ‘A little like Christmas’

Just a matter of time

Our living room windows look out on an intersection of four narrow streets. One-way streets come in from north and west, and one-way streets leave towards east and south. West has right-of-way, and often cars blaze through at or above the legal 50 km/h limit with no chance of stopping, should “North” neglect the right-of-way. It’s a ticking time bomb. Continue reading ‘Just a matter of time’

Flip Mk.II

My brother Jan blogged about flipping the inbox as a great way to get oldest mails at the top, in turn as a way to weed out old mails, in turn as a way to reduce the number of looming mails in the inbox to zero. I did this too, and it works! Well, I didn’t actually “flip” it because Gmail always shows newest mails at the top. But I’m at zero; I only keep mails in the inbox for a day or less. New mails are either “done” right away when I check mail, or delegated to one of these folders:
* reply-now
* reply-later
* action-now
* action-later
where “now” means “the first time I have scheduled for doing mails” because I try to only be on mail at specific times, not all the time. That gives me peace in the meantime. (Perhaps I’ll turn off my cell phone next.)