Monthly Archive for July, 2007

Flying a model helicopter

I Beowulfflew a model helicopter this weekend! Markus, a friend from work, is very much into this hobby (which is rather expensive if you make mistakes) and he meets regularly with fellow model pilots. In the past few weeks we’ve met a few times and trained on the simulator: model software running on a computer, with a USB interface that plugs into the R/C controller. He immediately recognized my natural talent (his words, not mine!) as I started on the simulator, and after less than 2 hours sim training I was ready for real air. That was this weekend. Continue reading ‘Flying a model helicopter’

Earth Day disappointment

Saturday 7.7.07 was Earth Day, and a sort of global live concert was held to get people’s attention. I saw some of it in TV, and I went to see the live broadcast on a giant screen at the Vienna city hall. Considering that it was advertised to be the global awareness event, it was rather dull and irrelevant. Basically a lot of bands playing their songs. Once in a while a very short “ad” to turn off my router when I’m not using it. Continue reading ‘Earth Day disappointment’