Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Going to Toronto

It’s been an exciting time at work these last few weeks. The software that we are developing needs to be changed in a fundamental way, and this change is so big that it would take too long to do internally. We have found a business partner that can perform the work faster, and I am part of the team that handles our side of this project. Now things have taken an interesting step forward. Continue reading ‘Going to Toronto’

Moving soon

I can’t sleep so I thought I might spend a moment to tell my readers how we are preparing our move to Korneuburg where we have bought an apartment. It’s fun; every time something annoys us in the vicinity of our old place, we just look forward to the new one with a big smile. We are not cut out for this kind of city life. I can’t tell you how much we look forward to living in greener surroundings, on a small quiet street, in a small town. Continue reading ‘Moving soon’