Monthly Archive for January, 2009

One hundred push ups?

I’ve started on a training program to improve my back muscles. I stumbled upon the website one hundred push ups which offers an exercise plan that caught my interest. The idea is to follow a six-week training program that means I am going to do push ups every other day. Continue reading ‘One hundred push ups?’

The End of an Era

My plastic brain is dead. Long live my plastic brain! refreshThis post marks the official end of my “Age of Psion” that started eleven years ago,in November 1997. Over the course of the years I have “used up” three Psion Series 5/5mx PDA’s, and they have served me well.  But now the time has come to move into the Age of Internet and leave my Psions behind. With some sadness, I have just finished moving data off my beloved Psion. I am not going to use it anymore, and I will put all my Psion stuff up for sale soon. Continue reading ‘The End of an Era’