Monthly Archive for March, 2012

Do you remember Fukushima?

Time flies — on Sunday this week, a year will have passed already. The earthquake and tsunami, and the reactor failure that followed, all happened on 11 March 2011.

Has it really been a year already? My heart goes out to my friends in Japan, and to all the affected people. Time does not fly for these people, who live every day with the immediate problems and the fear of the unknown long-term effects troubling them. Continue reading ‘Do you remember Fukushima?’

Go read something by Cory Doctorow!

I’ve read a lot of Cory Doctorow’s novels and short stories lately. They’re available for free through various e-book readers like Stanza (iTunes link), and of course also as regular books on Amazon etc. If you want a real eye-opener, then grab one of his stories!

Continue reading ‘Go read something by Cory Doctorow!’


Several months ago I met a guy at work who studies Scandinavistic, and he learned Swedish. Ever since, we’ve met once a month to eat and chat – in Swedish of course. This is fabulous practice for both of us and today I noticed that, five minutes into the conversation, I was even thinking in Swedish! Continue reading ‘Multilingualism’