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I never noticed the robots in my childhood?

Incredible paintings of sci-fi suburbia will make you wish you were Swedish. – The Verge

Simon Stålehag, a digital painter, grew up in these landscapes – and so did I! These images evoke wonderful memories of my childhood years, even though I seem to have not noticed both the derelict and the functional robots and gauss freighters that seem to have been everywhere. Apart from the sci-fi, this was my world. I love this! Continue reading ‘I never noticed the robots in my childhood?’

Genealogy is fun!

I’ve recently discovered genealogy by way of stumbling upon this simple online tool for modeling family trees. It’s really easy to get started and it’s quite captivating and lots of fun trying to remember everybody in the family. As it turns out, when I include the kids of my uncles and aunts, my tiny family is fairly big after all – I’ve added 67 people so far!


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Ubuntu Linux: reducing CPU load caused by compiz

Geek warning: You can skip this post if you’re not familiar with words like Linux, Ubuntu, Unity, and compiz :-)

Note: Several readers have let me know this tip didn’t help them. I put the tip here because it does seem to help in some cases, but evidently it is not a bullet-proof solution. Do your own research before you decide to try the following. My sources are provided as a starting point.

I’ve long had a problem on my Ubuntu computer that compiz would use a lot of CPU power even when the computer was idle, even when no programs were running. My computer is quite powerful so when compiz uses 20% of all CPU cores, that’s a lot of processing going on. It causes the CPU to heat up which causes the fans to run faster which causes noise which annoys me. Clearly, something needed to happen.

I have finally come across the solution and because it was hard to find, I’ll take this opportunity to share it with the world.
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I discovered a 30-year-old bank account

When I was around nine years old, my parents opened the first back account in my name, seeded with money I received as a birthday present. That was, of course, a huge deal to me. My own bank account!


And I had so much money, peaking at just over a hundred deutsche Mark! That’s around €50 or $57(US) in today’s world. This is a veritable fortune when you’re nine.
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Is web hosting still a thing?

I evidently have my own domain. I bought it an Internet lifetime ago and I had a couple of bad experiences with poor web hosting providers. That was until I came upon DreamHost* and today I’d like to sell you some pamphlets about this. No but seriously, I started using DreamHost eleven years ago and I have sort of lost touch with the whole hosting business since I became a parent. Is it still a thing, hosting your own website and email and whatnot? Because if it is, you should all be using DreamHost. Honestly. Continue reading ‘Is web hosting still a thing?’