Referral Links

win-win puzzle pieces

When I mention various services throughout this site, I will sometimes use a special referral link instead of simply linking straight to the service’s website: if you sign up for the service I link to, I earn a small reward – and in most cases, you get a benefit too! Despite these small rewards, I fully stand by my words; I will not offer referrals unless I believe the service is truly good.

CleanTalk is an anti-spam plugin for WordPress and many other sites. It’s the only one I know that truly works.
Our benefit: You and I both get two months service for free, on top of the free trial.

DreamHost is hands-down the best web hosting provider I’ve ever used. They offer an incredible range of services at very competitive prices, but their true secret is their amazingly awesome customer service.
Benefit: If you sign up, I get a few percent of what you pay them.

LastPass is a password manager: I don’t have to remember any passwords (except the master password for LastPass) because the password manager remembers for me. It even fills in all logins automatically (configurable) and offers safe, complex passwords.
Our benefit: You and I both get one month premium service for free.

You Need A Budget (YNAB) is a magic way of getting your personal finances in order so you can pay unexpected bills without stress.
Our benefit: You get 10% off the licence, and I earn $6 reward.

Workflowy is a simple yet powerful outliner for organising information.
Our benefit: You get 250 extra free items each month, and so do I.