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A love button for the Internet

This is fun! Someone has figured out a way for people to send each other micropayments online using (fractions of) bitcoins. Useful when a “like” somehow isn’t enough. Continue reading

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Paying unexpected bills without stress

We use a brilliant method to budget the family finances, and it enables us to pay unexpected bills without stress. It’s amazing! Continue reading

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I discovered a 30-year-old bank account

When I was nine years old, I had my first bank account. I moved away and the account was never closed. I recently tried to recover it and withdraw the small fortune it contained thirty years ago. ($28 is a lot when you’re a kid!) Read the adventure here! Continue reading

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Spend less than you earn

The mantra to good finances is simply “spend less than you earn.” You want to increase the gap between income and expenses, obviously. The more you have left at the end of the month, the more you can save. How else are you going to get rich, right? Continue reading

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Maybe not selling after all

Some who know me also know that I have a couple of very cool, very weird keyboards — Star Trek weird: They’re completely flat, have no moving parts, and have no keys! Continue reading

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