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Homemade framed posters

The background for this idea was that we wanted to give a money gift at a wedding but we wanted it to be more than a card and an envelope. In essence, this is it: A framed poster featuring an aquarium and some fish. On closer inspection, the fish turn out to be origami made from bills of money! Continue reading

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How to build the habits you want

Habits are devious creatures, aren’t they? They feed off of our energy, and they _breed._ Good habits become stronger and make you better. The problem is that bad habits also reinforce themselves, making us weaker. Yeah, “nobody is perfect” and all that. The trick is to nurture good habits and kill off bad ones. Continue reading

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Life detox: recognize what bothers you, then reduce it

This post made me stop and think for a moment. There are some elements in my life that consistently bother me to some degree, and here Trent gives a simple recipe to address them. Continue reading

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I like the _idea_ of blogging regularly but I seem to lack the content as well as the time or focus to take it seriously. After all, it is not essential to my life and I merely see it as an outlet for my writing urges. And yet, I am inspired by other blogs I follow and I find myself picking up the proverbial pen more often again … for now, anyway. Continue reading

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Taking a break from repairing the kids’ toys

*Taking a break from repairing the kids’ toys*
Today I’ll be repairing *my* toy! A suspension part came loose, causing oil to leak. No big deal! I’ll just take it apart and fill some fresh oil. It took an hour, and it was _fun!_ Continue reading

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