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Fasten your seat belt!

Two cars collide directly in front of me on the highway during my morning commute. One car gets flipped on its side, driver is not wearing a seat belt. Stupid! Please, people: wear a seat belt! Continue reading

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Use a mantra for your password

I use LastPass and thoroughly enjoy the automatic login for everything. Recently I decided to change my ingenious yet well-worn master password. But what new password would be good? Continue reading

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The Eisenhower Matrix

The X-Files? The Matrix? Is there a new movie coming up? Sorry, no. The Eisenhower Matrix is a simple tool to figure out where to focus your attention. It’s based on the quote: “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” Continue reading

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Maybe Colemak is smarter than Dvorak?

Dvorak is my fastest and preferred layout on mobile. Oddly, this does not translate at all to physical keyboards. I’ve made several attempts at using Dvorak on the desktop computer and it still eludes me. I am now taking an interest in the “Colemak” keyboard layout. Continue reading

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How to build the habits you want

Habits are devious creatures, aren’t they? They feed off of our energy, and they _breed._ Good habits become stronger and make you better. The problem is that bad habits also reinforce themselves, making us weaker. Yeah, “nobody is perfect” and all that. The trick is to nurture good habits and kill off bad ones. Continue reading

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