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How large is the broad side of a barn, anyway?

I was trying to find a way to remember my license plate that ends with the letters “FB”. I discovered that it is also a unit of measurement used in particle physics: fb means femtobarn. What I want to share here is the ridiculous backstory of this unit of measurement: what the hell is a femtobarn?! Continue reading

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Fasten your seat belt!

Two cars collide directly in front of me on the highway during my morning commute. One car gets flipped on its side, driver is not wearing a seat belt. Stupid! Please, people: wear a seat belt! Continue reading

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Spend less than you earn

The mantra to good finances is simply “spend less than you earn.” You want to increase the gap between income and expenses, obviously. The more you have left at the end of the month, the more you can save. How else are you going to get rich, right? Continue reading

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