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“Code 1000. Repeat, Code 1000.”

What does it mean when you’re in IKEA and hear a “Code 1000” being announced? I found out today. Continue reading

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I discovered a 30-year-old bank account

When I was nine years old, I had my first bank account. I moved away and the account was never closed. I recently tried to recover it and withdraw the small fortune it contained thirty years ago. ($28 is a lot when you’re a kid!) Read the adventure here! Continue reading

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10 years in Austria!

On this day ten years ago, I drove our moving truck into Vienna, and we’ve lived and worked in or near Vienna ever since. It’s been an incredible time, spanning some of my life’s most significant events. Continue reading

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Made in Japan

Yesterday I promised I’d reveal another small blog I’m building. But first, a little background: you see, I lived and worked in Tokyo between 2001 and 2003, and it was incredibly exciting. When you spend five days in Paris and … Continue reading

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Twins have more fun

I would hope that most of my followers know that I am a twin. If not, well, you do now! What’s it like? One benefit is that we get to prank people. But to be honest it’s a lot more … Continue reading

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