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Get fooled by this photo

“Big boys have big toys,” as they say. The obvious downside is that big toys are expensive. I’d love to drive around some tricky off-road terrain in a Land Rover Defender, but solid off-road trucks cost at least one year’s worth of salary (or two, or three…). Radio-controlled models are much cheaper and provide lots of entertainment – and look incredibly convincing. Continue reading

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Ticking items off of lists

… seems to happen a lot this month: gifts, special groceries, greeting cards, and so much more. We’re not done yet but I’m happy that I’ve now completed one traditional task: I love to build the greeting card myself! Continue reading

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You do have backups … right?

Photos are among the most important data we have because they are potentially irreplaceable. Other files can be just as valuable. How do we keep them safe? Continue reading

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Homemade framed posters

The background for this idea was that we wanted to give a money gift at a wedding but we wanted it to be more than a card and an envelope. In essence, this is it: A framed poster featuring an aquarium and some fish. On closer inspection, the fish turn out to be origami made from bills of money! Continue reading

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Missed opportunities

My house was built less than two years ago and the satellite view of my home on Google Maps showed this: a lot of grass, but no house. It’s the lot in the middle of this angled view: I know … Continue reading

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