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Revisiting Colemak

As it turns out,when you’ve already been trying to wire your brain to a new layout (Dvorak), it’s really difficult to switch to a new-new layout (Colemak). But I found a solution, of course. Continue reading

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Maybe Colemak is smarter than Dvorak?

Dvorak is my fastest and preferred layout on mobile. Oddly, this does not translate at all to physical keyboards. I’ve made several attempts at using Dvorak on the desktop computer and it still eludes me. I am now taking an interest in the “Colemak” keyboard layout. Continue reading

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Is Dvorak uninternational?

I finally managed to learn Dvorak after all. It feels nice (easy on the fingers) but I’m still not altogether convinced that it was such a brilliant idea. It seems that I need to learn Dvorak three times because I write in three languages. Continue reading

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Here’s a Danish Dvorak layout

My brother Jan became hooked on the Dvorak keyboard layout years ago and has praised it sky-high. It seems smarter than the regular Qwerty keyboard layout, but it’s not being used for reasons of tradition. So why switch? Continue reading

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