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Homemade framed posters

The background for this idea was that we wanted to give a money gift at a wedding but we wanted it to be more than a card and an envelope. In essence, this is it: A framed poster featuring an aquarium and some fish. On closer inspection, the fish turn out to be origami made from bills of money! Continue reading

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Setting up a home network

Even before I started planning my new home, I knew that I wanted a wired network built right in. A quick count revealed that I was dealing with 22 network sockets, so using “proper” network hardware would be a smart move. Here’s what I did. Continue reading

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A simple trick for easier USB plugs

There’s this old joke about USB plugs that you have to turn them over twice before they fit in the socket. The problem is that the plug is too symmetrical, so it’s hard to figure out which way needs to … Continue reading

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