Apartment is getting wired

Just a brief update here about how our apartment is getting nearer to finished. Yesterday an electrician friend came over and connected our cooking range and oven, so we’re finally out of microwave land now. That’s a significant step in feeling “at home” even though I will retain the right to use the microwave whenever I feel like it.

In other wired news, today the telecom guy will hook up our DSL Internet connection so that we can get Internet on all our computers and not just the one that has the USB HSDPA stick. On the offline side of life, today is also the day when our bedroom closet will be delivered and assembled. This means that by tonight we will no longer be living out of suitcases and boxes.

That makes three steps forward in two days. It feels good when things are heading in the right direction. Now I’m just hoping that the bedroom closet will not contain any sneaky setbacks like the kitchen did…

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