I never noticed the robots in my childhood?

Incredible paintings of sci-fi suburbia will make you wish you were Swedish. – The Verge

Simon Stålehag, a digital painter, grew up in these landscapes – and so did I! These images evoke wonderful memories of my childhood years, even though I seem to have not noticed both the derelict and the functional robots and gauss freighters that seem to have been everywhere. Apart from the sci-fi, this was my world. I love this!


Map of the area surrounding the particle accelator

Seriously though, his sci-fi work revolves around a kind of buried particle accelerator near Stockholm, Sweden. Simons’ homepage is chock full of art samples, and I deeply enjoy those 80s-style images of the Swedish countryside. (The dinos and the weird robots, not so much.)

… original blend of naturalistic landscape paintings with science fiction elements and a very low key recollection of growing up in the eighties … – Kickstarter campaign

Here’s a video from the Kickstarter campaign to whet your appetite:


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  1. What amazing paintings!

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