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Homemade framed posters

The background for this idea was that we wanted to give a money gift at a wedding but we wanted it to be more than a card and an envelope. In essence, this is it: A framed poster featuring an aquarium and some fish. On closer inspection, the fish turn out to be origami made from bills of money! Continue reading

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Maybe Colemak is smarter than Dvorak?

Dvorak is my fastest and preferred layout on mobile. Oddly, this does not translate at all to physical keyboards. I’ve made several attempts at using Dvorak on the desktop computer and it still eludes me. I am now taking an interest in the “Colemak” keyboard layout. Continue reading

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Block ads on your computer and smartphone

Do you like ads in your browser? In Skype? In your phone’s apps? No? I’ll show you how to get rid of them. Yes, this even works on smartphones! Continue reading

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Daylight wallpaper (Linux script)

*Daylight wallpaper*
I discovered a website with a beautiful world map that updates throughout the day to show sunlight *right now*. I thought it would make an excellent wallpaper, so I created a script that automatically pulls the image every half hour and sets it as the desktop background. Continue reading

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How to update your Nexus 4 to Android 4.4.4

Back when Android 4.4 came out in November and the automatic OTA update didn’t work for me, I posted a guide on how to upgrade manually. Now that version 4.4.4 is out, here’s an updated guide. Most importantly, make a … Continue reading

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