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Show keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7

Microsoft released Windows 7 in 2009, and one thing I’ve always hated about it is that the option to underline keyboard shortcuts was gone. Why would anyone deliberately make it harder for users to work smarter, by no longer showing them those underlines? I’ve finally discovered that the underlines still exist — here’s how to turn them on! Continue reading

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How to install MS Money 2004 on 64-bit Linux

Do you run Linux? Do you miss MS Money, the personal-finance application? I can answer yes to both questions, but I’ve found a solution. It’s possible to run Windows software on Linux, but sometimes it’s tricky. Here’s how to make it work! Continue reading

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Errata: geeky details

I took a closer look at the images I had found yesterday and I noticed that my story was not entirely correct so I’m posting this to set things straight, rather than rewriting yesterday’s post. I wrote that there were … Continue reading

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“Listen to the light”

Here’s a silly little blast from the past I felt like sharing. Enjoy :-) (See also this update.) First, a little background: Back when I worked for Microsoft, there was often something new and curious coming along. Force-feedback joysticks, for … Continue reading

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I <3 Windows XP

After cursing over Window 7 for more than a year, I’ve finally formatted the disk and installed my beloved Windows XP instead. I needed to borrow an external CD drive to do that because the machine didn’t want to boot … Continue reading

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