Earth Day disappointment

Saturday 7.7.07 was Earth Day, and a sort of global live concert was held to get people’s attention. I saw some of it in TV, and I went to see the live broadcast on a giant screen at the Vienna city hall. Considering that it was advertised to be the global awareness event, it was rather dull and irrelevant. Basically a lot of bands playing their songs. Once in a while a very short “ad” to turn off my router when I’m not using it.

Did they think that this event would change anything? That people would walk away after hearing Metallica and Phil Collins and thinking, “I really need to unplug my router”? For sure the concerts themselves used up a lot of energy that could have been used to power said router for the next few millenia.

Note: Feel free to replace the word “router” with “cell-phone charger” or “printer” or “TV” or whatever you feel that you should feel environmentally ashamed about.

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