Keep track of your favorite blogs

Following a blog is a great way to stay up to date on what the author is doing. The problem is that you have to visit them each individually, and often you’d discover that nothing new had been posted since your last visit. If only there was a way to be notified – without having to register and subscribe to each blog.

Good news: there is a way to do this!

There’s a thing called a feed reader, and its job is to collect the stream of blog posts (feeds) that you care about.

The idea is that you can give the feed reader the address of a blog you want to follow (like, and from then on it will collect all new articles and store them for you. You can then view all the feeds in one simple list. All articles are presented with the same layout, making it very easy to go through even a lot of articles.

I used Google Reader in the past. Like Gmail, this was a world-class solution. Sadly, Google killed the service despite protests from users. Now I use Feedly instead. It’s very similar and very friendly, and there’s a mobile app too.

What’s your favorite way of reading blogs? Speak up in the comments!


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