Did I ever mention that I don’t like spammers?

Well I don’t – but they seem to love me. On most of my sites, I’ve been testing different anti-spam plugins for several years. One thing is for certain: if I turn off those plugins, my sites are absolutely flooded with spam comments, spam user registrations, and other unwanted noise.

I am fiddling with those plugins again because my recent setup might have been too strict – it might have prevented real people from posting legitimate comments. With luck, my new setup strikes a better balance between catching spam and allowing real content.

Wish me luck – using the comment form below, if you like :-)

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2 Responses to Did I ever mention that I don’t like spammers?

  1. I am curious who are the people who fall for what spammers have to offer? They must be many in number as spammers keep spamming!

    • torbengb says:

      A big part of the problem is that the cost of spamming is essentially zero, so they can send out a hundred million spam mails or comments for a few dollars. And with that kind of volume it doesn’t take a very good hit rate to make a profit in the end. Often it’s not even about peddling any wares but about generating (fake) traffic to websites, or actually just generating *links* to sites; and the link is better when it comes from a random and reputable source (my site). More reputable inbound links mean better search rankings, and that’s the holy grail that everybody chases.

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