Monthly Archive for April, 2008

New blog

I have too much stuff online, so I am trimming down my website.

My homepage and all the old pages will be removed, and I will no longer maintain the rather big wiki website I used to host. Several other areas that have not been maintained for ages and that have no visitors will also go away. I will also no longer post on, so if you are subscribed to a feed from there, make sure you update your feed reader to instead.

What remains is just this new site, containing a blog and a gallery. The blog might contain everyday stories and thoughts, as well as pointers to new additions to the photo gallery. Hopefully this approach will be more useful to people who care about me and my life.

We’re moving!

Just outside of Vienna, to the north-east, lies a small town named Korneuburg. (map view, Wikipedia). It’s a peaceful neighborhood — and this summer, it will be our neighborhood!

We are have found an apartment that is pretty much the same as the one we have, except that it is not in Vienna but in much nicer surroundings. More information will follow shortly. Stay tuned, or better yet, ask!