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What an odd duality

Business-wise I have no doubts that iOS is the most sensible platform for my Audiopad productivity app. This is where I’ve put a significant chunk of my money.

But personally, I feel much more wowed by the possibilities with an Android smartphone and Android tablet. Despite of Audiopad, my next devices will probably be Android-powered.

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Find me on Google+

Google+ is the new social network that everybody is talking about. Well, maybe not everybody but at least the entire tech press. They are limiting the new user registrations for now, but I have gained access and it looks nice! Find me at http://torben.g-b.dk/+

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I’m leaving Facebook because they don’t let me control my information

Enough is enough. This article in Wired is but one in a sea of cries against Facebook, and they’ve all got a very good point: Facebook is actively undermining the privacy of the users, but we users should be able to control what information gets published about us or not.

So I’m preparing to leave Facebook, and I’ll make sure to delete all my information in there in an attempt to protect my privacy. I’m going to focus on this blog instead, so that people who really want to follow me can still do so.

Incidentally, here’s an article on Lifehacker describing what you could do, if you agree on the above.