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From one Galaxy to another

Those who know me well will know that I am picky with technology, and I felt that my trusty old Samsung Galaxy S6 was doing a great job. If it works, don’t fix it! But, at long last, the battery is worn out and won’t last even half a day. This put me in a position where I had to do something. Continue reading

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Don’t get fooled: Phishing was yesterday, here comes smishing!

Smishing is the new phishing: using SMS text messages to trick you into signing up to a subscription that costs €40 per month! Don’t get fooled: read and learn. Continue reading

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How large is the broad side of a barn, anyway?

I was trying to find a way to remember my license plate that ends with the letters “FB”. I discovered that it is also a unit of measurement used in particle physics: fb means femtobarn. What I want to share here is the ridiculous backstory of this unit of measurement: what the hell is a femtobarn?! Continue reading

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Achievement unlocked: maintain “inbox zero” for a year

“Inbox zero” means having no messages in your “IN” tray (and keeping it that way). This is not meant to be a goal in itself, but it’s a clear indication of whether or not you’re staying on top of things.

With Outlook I have finally been able to maintain “inbox zero” since I started this job last year. I feel it’s worth sharing my method in the following. Continue reading

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Get fooled by this photo

“Big boys have big toys,” as they say. The obvious downside is that big toys are expensive. I’d love to drive around some tricky off-road terrain in a Land Rover Defender, but solid off-road trucks cost at least one year’s worth of salary (or two, or three…). Radio-controlled models are much cheaper and provide lots of entertainment – and look incredibly convincing. Continue reading

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