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How to recover from MD5 mismatch

If any of the following is gibberish to you, it’s better to stop reading. Not everything I post is useful to the general public ;-)

If you’re trying to restore a backup of your Android and you get the error message “MD5 mismatch”, then here’s the solution. I was searching for this and found so much bad information. I feel that the correct information needs more publicity, so here’s my contribution to this.

First, here’s the typical problem that you’d experience:

ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.4.7
Checking MD5 sums…
MD5 mismatch!

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Block ads on your computer and smartphone

Do you like ads in your browser? In Skype? In your phone’s apps? No? Well, there’s a way to get rid of them, and I’ll show you how. This works on computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) and even on Android phones! It probably works on iPhones too, if you can figure out how to get access to the system files.

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Get more screen space on your Android

app iconSwipe Navigation is a cool Android app that lets you use intuitive gestures instead of the buttons on the black navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Even better, the app can hide the navigation bar so you win that extra screen space for your apps instead. It’s like getting a bigger screen without it being bigger.

Several basic gestures are available, including the obvious back, home, recent that you’d use the navigation bar for in the first place. You can unlock more gestures (even multi-touch ones) for 90 cents.

I’ve just started using this, and the added screen space is very nice. The app can even tell the difference between a short swipe (nav bar) and a long swipe (whatever app is in the foreground). It does take half a day to get used to but then you probably aren’t going to miss the original navigation bar ever again.

How to update your Nexus 4 to Android 4.4.4

Back when Android 4.4 came out in November and the automatic OTA update didn’t work for me, I posted a guide on how to upgrade manually. Now that version 4.4.4 is out, here’s an updated guide.

Most importantly, make a backup first, or make sure to remove that “wipe” switch in the script! Yeah, I forgot to follow my own advice and got my device wiped. Learn from my errors – that’s why I post these things.
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How to add your own ringtones and notification sounds on Android

I had an idea to use certain sounds on my Android, but they’re not included among the standard sounds. I knew I would probably be able to find the sounds on the Internet, and surely it must be possible to copy them to my phone so that they can be assigned as ringtones and notification sounds.

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