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Spam, begone!

I’ve been fighting spam on my sites for too long: recent stats tell me that out of all 2640 comments that I received in a given period, only 14 of them were real! So 99,5% of my blog comments are spam and only 1 in 200 are real. I’m happy to announce that I have finally found a solution that seems pretty damn watertight:


CleanTalk* is a business that offers plug-ins for many platforms (including WordPress and phpBB) and it’s honestly the first software ever that succeeds in reliably stopping the flood of spam on my sites. Best of all, it does it completely without bothering the user with silly tests – and it. just. works. correction: screenshot of spam filter settingsunfortunately my initial setup blocked some comments but I found them in the logs and the CleanTalk support staff quickly helped me resolve the problem (see thumbnail on the right, click to enlarge), so all is well. I’m still keeping an eye on the logs though – but even this is so much better than all other anti-spam plugins I’ve tried so far.

I’m very happy with this now. Of all the thousands of comments and registrations that were attempted since I set this up, no spams were published, and no non-spam (“ham”) was blocked. Only 2 spams got through CleanTalk and were subsequently placed in the WordPress review queue. “Two” being a manageable amount to deal with in WordPress, it was easy to reject them.
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A love button for the Internet

This is fun! Someone has figured out a way for people to send each other micropayments online. Useful when a “like” somehow isn’t enough.

It’s powered by BitCoin which is a strange virtual currency that can be exchanged into regular currencies like USD and EUR. The current rate is around 250 USD for 1 BTC so it’s more common to deal with fractions that are ingeniously called bits: 1 BTC = 1 000 000 bits.

ChangeTip is everywhere, or at least all the most common places where people meet online. I have no idea if this is going to be useful, but it sure looks fun! I’ve created an account for myself to check this out. Continue reading ‘A love button for the Internet’

Genealogy is fun!

I’ve recently discovered genealogy by way of stumbling upon this simple online tool for modeling family trees. It’s really easy to get started and it’s quite captivating and lots of fun trying to remember everybody in the family. As it turns out, when I include the kids of my uncles and aunts, my tiny family is fairly big after all – I’ve added 67 people so far!


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Is web hosting still a thing?

I evidently have my own domain. I bought it an Internet lifetime ago and I had a couple of bad experiences with poor web hosting providers. That was until I came upon DreamHost* and today I’d like to sell you some pamphlets about this. No but seriously, I started using DreamHost eleven years ago and I have sort of lost touch with the whole hosting business since I became a parent. Is it still a thing, hosting your own website and email and whatnot? Because if it is, you should all be using DreamHost. Honestly. Continue reading ‘Is web hosting still a thing?’

Keep track of your favorite blogs

Following a blog is a great way to stay up to date on what the author is doing. The problem is that you have to visit them each individually, and often you’d discover that nothing new had been posted since your last visit. If only there was a way to be notified – without having to register and subscribe to each blog.

Good news: there is a way to do this!
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