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Setting up a home network

Wireless LAN is very convenient – particularly for mobile devices, obviously – but I found it to be too slow and unstable for “real” computers. So even before I started planning my new home, I knew that I wanted a wired computer network that provided at least 2 connections to each room in the house, plus a few more for special purposes. A quick count revealed that I was dealing with 22 network sockets, so I realized that I should use “proper” network hardware that would be reliable and easy to use. Here’s what I did.


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Your Password is Too Damn Short


Writing about passwords is like beating a dead horse. It’s not very exciting, I know. But this needs to be said, and repeated often: sorry, but your passwords just aren’t good enough.

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Missed opportunities

My house was built less than two years ago and the satellite view of my home on Google Maps showed this: a lot of grass, but no house. It’s the lot in the middle of this angled view:


I know that aerial photos are updated from time to time and I figured that I’d have plenty of time to prepare a little gimmick before the next update.

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Did I ever mention that I don’t like spammers?

Well I don’t – but they seem to love me. On most of my sites, I’ve been testing different anti-spam plugins for several years. One thing is for certain: if I turn off those plugins, my sites are absolutely flooded with spam comments, spam user registrations, and other unwanted noise.

I am fiddling with those plugins again because my recent setup might have been too strict – it might have prevented real people from posting legitimate comments. With luck, my new setup strikes a better balance between catching spam and allowing real content.

Wish me luck – using the comment form below, if you like :-)


I’ve maintained a personal website since at least 1995 (hello Geocities) and a personal domain since 1997. I’ve hand-coded, used MS FrontPage, Twiki, Foswiki, and finally I switched to WordPress to keep the maintenance effort low. I was never very active with WordPress but I’ve had some sprints now and again that always ebbed out over time.

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