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Ubuntu Linux: reducing CPU load caused by compiz

I’ve long had a problem on my Ubuntu computer that compiz would always use a lot of CPU power, even when the computer wasn’t doing anything, even when no programs had been started. Here’s the solution! Continue reading

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How to build the habits you want

Habits are devious creatures, aren’t they? They feed off of our energy, and they _breed._ Good habits become stronger and make you better. The problem is that bad habits also reinforce themselves, making us weaker. Yeah, “nobody is perfect” and all that. The trick is to nurture good habits and kill off bad ones. Continue reading

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Spend less than you earn

The mantra to good finances is simply “spend less than you earn.” You want to increase the gap between income and expenses, obviously. The more you have left at the end of the month, the more you can save. How else are you going to get rich, right? Continue reading

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