What an odd duality

Business-wise I have no doubts that iOS is the most sensible platform for my Audiopad productivity app. This is where I’ve put a significant chunk of my money.

But personally, I feel much more wowed by the possibilities with an Android smartphone and Android tablet. Despite of Audiopad, my next devices will probably be Android-powered.

What’s the difference?

Two aspects that really “do it” for me is, on one side, the huge – enormous! – iOS market size: 315 million devices. As a business, it makes no sense to choose the smaller market with a lower tendency to spend money on paid apps.

On the other side, the sleek iOS experience comes at the sacrifice of freedom to configure my own device the way I want to – unless I jailbreak it, of which I make no secret. This is where Android shines! Of course I can access it as an USB drive. Of course I don’t have to use one specific, ugly, slow piece of bloatware like iTunes to manage it. It’s open and I am free to mess with it any way I want.

Apple’s sleekness just doesn’t wow me the way Google’s potential does. Android devices are usually not quite as sexy as iDevices but they’re also a hell of a lot cheaper. I admit this: I am not a fanboy. Okay, I am a Google fanboy.

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