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What an odd duality

Business-wise I have no doubts that iOS is the most sensible platform for my Audiopad productivity app. This is where I’ve put a significant chunk of my money.

But personally, I feel much more wowed by the possibilities with an Android smartphone and Android tablet. Despite of Audiopad, my next devices will probably be Android-powered.

What’s the difference? Continue reading ‘What an odd duality’


Several months ago I met a guy at work who studies Scandinavistic, and he learned Swedish. Ever since, we’ve met once a month to eat and chat – in Swedish of course. This is fabulous practice for both of us and today I noticed that, five minutes into the conversation, I was even thinking in Swedish! Continue reading ‘Multilingualism’

Going to Toronto

It’s been an exciting time at work these last few weeks. The software that we are developing needs to be changed in a fundamental way, and this change is so big that it would take too long to do internally. We have found a business partner that can perform the work faster, and I am part of the team that handles our side of this project. Now things have taken an interesting step forward. Continue reading ‘Going to Toronto’

An upcoming career move

So I’m looking for a new job. This would make good fodder for a blog post as it has all the yummy ingredients: current events, personal story, change, opportunities, thoughts and perhaps a tinge of philosophy. Now all I need is a writing style and, um, some creative inspiration.

In fact, a personal style and lots of inspiration would make me a writer. Yay. Just like any other blogger, with slightly less experience.

I should probably be writing something that relates to the post title, though. Maybe in the next post. See you around!