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Progress Quest: an incredible role-playing adventure game

Progress Quest is a great little game and, although the game-play can feel a bit one-sided, it’s still offering a surprising amount of variation. Continue reading

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Genealogy is fun!

I’ve recently discovered genealogy by way of stumbling upon this simple online tool for modeling family trees. It’s really easy to get started and it’s quite captivating and lots of fun trying to remember everybody in the family. Continue reading

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I discovered a 30-year-old bank account

When I was nine years old, I had my first bank account. I moved away and the account was never closed. I recently tried to recover it and withdraw the small fortune it contained thirty years ago. ($28 is a lot when you’re a kid!) Read the adventure here! Continue reading

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Homemade framed posters

The background for this idea was that we wanted to give a money gift at a wedding but we wanted it to be more than a card and an envelope. In essence, this is it: A framed poster featuring an aquarium and some fish. On closer inspection, the fish turn out to be origami made from bills of money! Continue reading

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Missed opportunities

My house was built less than two years ago and the satellite view of my home on Google Maps showed this: a lot of grass, but no house. It’s the lot in the middle of this angled view: I know … Continue reading

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