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Time for a new brain

All the way back in 1997, I bought a Psion Series 5, and ever since, it has been my plastic brain, taking care of my calendar, tasks, contacts, travel diaries, notes on the road, thoughts to write, daily alarm clock, and a lot more. I have called it Psion Series 5my plastic brain because to me, that’s really what it is. Without it, I’d be pretty lost. In those early days, I enjoyed comparing my brain to those mediocre Windows CE handhelds. Back then, portable Windows was really, really bad. Continue reading ‘Time for a new brain’

What comes after Psion?

I am a very happy user of a Psion Series 5mx. That’s a PDA (and if you needed that explanation, then the rest of this post is probably not interesting to you). What follows is a little rant about the lack of modern alternatives which I wrote in response to an email. I thought it was worth blogging, so here it is, only slightly revised for this context: Continue reading ‘What comes after Psion?’