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How to update your Nexus 4 to Android 4.4

See the NEW and updated guide here! (July 2014)

Update 2013-11-16: Added how to get superuser access.
Update 2013-11-20: Download link now points to the newer “krt16s” version.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens if you follow these instructions. I am just describing what worked for me!

I have just updated my LG Nexus 4 from Android 4.2.2 to Android 4.4. I followed these instructions from Android Police but ran into a minor problem that I solved – and here’s how I solved it. In fact, let me do a complete step-by-step here for your convenience!

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I <3 Windows XP

After cursing over Window 7 for more than a year, I’ve finally formatted the disk and installed my beloved Windows XP instead. I needed to borrow an external CD drive to do that because the machine didn’t want to boot XP  setup from a USB stick (but Ubuntu can boot from USB… weird). Continue reading ‘I <3 Windows XP’

Windows 7/Vista — make the navigation pane expand to the current folder

It annoys me when stuff suddenly works differently for no obvious reason, and even more so when the result is a lot worse than before. (Here’s a tip, Microsoft: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)

One such annoyance is Windows Explorer in Windows 7 and Vista. When you dive into sub-folders by double-clicking in the right-hand pane, the left-hand pane doesn’t expand to reflect where you are. That’s a pity, because that has been in there ever since Windows 95, a brief 14 year-long period of doing it right.

Here’s how to fix it: Continue reading ‘Windows 7/Vista — make the navigation pane expand to the current folder’

Time for a new brain

All the way back in 1997, I bought a Psion Series 5, and ever since, it has been my plastic brain, taking care of my calendar, tasks, contacts, travel diaries, notes on the road, thoughts to write, daily alarm clock, and a lot more. I have called it Psion Series 5my plastic brain because to me, that’s really what it is. Without it, I’d be pretty lost. In those early days, I enjoyed comparing my brain to those mediocre Windows CE handhelds. Back then, portable Windows was really, really bad. Continue reading ‘Time for a new brain’