From one Galaxy to another

Those who know me well will know that I am picky with technology, and I felt that my trusty old Samsung Galaxy S6 was doing a great job. If it works, don’t fix it! But, at long last, the battery is worn out and won’t last even half a day. This put me in a position where I had to do something: spend money to have the phone serviced (to install a replacement battery that is presumably also 5 years old), or buy a new phone.

The phone itself is still in mint condition and runs every app I need – and it does so faster than the 2020 budget phone that my wife uses with such admirable patience.

New phones are odd, in 2020: either they are ridiculously overpriced flagships, or they are reasonably priced with worse specs than the phone I am looking to replace. The obvious solution is to buy neither, but instead last year’s flagship: I got myself a mint Samsung Galaxy S10.

While setting up this new phone, I notice in my Google account that it has been almost 5 years since I started using that old phone. Not bad at all! I wonder whether the new one will last me just as long? I frankly doubt it.

By the way, it was somewhat of a coincidence that the new phone is also a Samsung Galaxy S-series. I was reviewing the entire market and looking for any phone that could match my specific criteria. In the end, the S10 was the only model that satisfied all my requirements.

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