My plastic brain is growing old

Last week, my PDA gave up in the middle of a sentence. It just froze. The LED stopped blinking and remained ON. The touch screen didn’t react, the keyboard didn’t either. Not even a hard reset could revive it. It can now be used as a door stop, if only it were bigger and heavier.

Since my experience so far tells me that I am not ready for a Windows-based PDA, I am going to have my trusty old Psion repaired. Again. Again. I just don’t see that there is any product in the market today that can be a serious replacement for the Psion Series 5:

  • Three weeks battery life.
  • Laptop-like quality keyboard that can actually fit six if not ten fingers.
  • Decent applications that don’t crash – ever.

Can you recommend anything like that?

Update 20080401: I had the unit repaired (again) because there really is no good replacement.

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