Monthly Archive for September, 2006

Homepage for geeks

I just happened to come across the most nerdy homepage I’ve ever seen:

If you get it, then you’re a geek like me :-)

Competition – is this meaningless?

According to recent newspapers, there are about 7 million bloggers just in China. By New Year, they will be more than ten million. Does this make my little attempt here meaningless?

An upcoming career move

So I’m looking for a new job. This would make good fodder for a blog post as it has all the yummy ingredients: current events, personal story, change, opportunities, thoughts and perhaps a tinge of philosophy. Now all I need is a writing style and, um, some creative inspiration.

In fact, a personal style and lots of inspiration would make me a writer. Yay. Just like any other blogger, with slightly less experience.

I should probably be writing something that relates to the post title, though. Maybe in the next post. See you around!

Use the proper tool for the task

– and then learn to use it properly.

I should dive into some literature about what makes a blog worth reading, and what a sensible structure is of whatever content I choose to pour into it. Then of course there’s also the advertising. Some people claim (hah!) to earn thousands of $ every month just from their blog Adsense. I find that hard to believe.