A little like Christmas

This Friday, we’re picking up our new cell phones. I can hardly wait!

Samsung SHG-E250Among Austrian cell phone operators, price wars have started. Six months ago we switched away from Telering to a new and cheap provider and so cut our monthly costs noticeably. While you usually get a new phone with a new contract, this was not the case with the cheap provider — therefore the low price. But as our good phones had broken down, we had to use old spare cell phones instead. That was a major nuisance, and still is today.

Just recently, Telering started a new rate, and we’re switching back to save even more on our monthly costs. On top of this, we can buy new cell phones at very reduced prices. We’ve calculated for hours and decided to go for it. So we ordered two Samsung SGH-E250 which we will pick up this Friday. Finally we’ll have decent cell phones again! Small, useful, and they’ve got built-in MP3 playback so we don’t need to also carry an MP3-player to tune out the other passengers in the subway twice a day (wired hands-free set included). IT even has a camera which is adequate for the occasional snapshot.

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