7 convenient iPhone tweaks

I like my iPhone, but there are some annoying details that Apple doesn’t want users to change. Luckily, this is where jailbreaking comes to the rescue. Here are some Cydia apps that make the iPhone easier to work with.

  1. Internalizer lets you put a custom message on the lock screen, like “Reward: if found please contact abc@example.com” – short of putting a sticker on your phone, how else would you let a finder know where to return it?
  2. Appslide is “like a back button, but better.” Let’s say you read a mail and touch a hyperlink, so the browser opens. With Appslide, the home button takes you back to mail and not to the springboard!
  3. FolderCloser closes a folder after you’ve launched an app that was in that folder.
  4. brightnessbar lets you easily adjust the screen brightness from anywhere.
  5. MissedCallOpening makes the Phone application automatically open the “Recent” tab if you have any new missed calls.
  6. MobileVolumeSound plays a small “plop” sound when you adjust the volume, so you can hear how loud that volume setting is.
  7. Updated: PowerSoundDisabler disables the charge sound when you connect a cable. This supersedes Silent Charge that I recommended earlier.

Bonus: TV tube sleep puts your iPhone to sleep in the style of an old TV tube. At $0.99, this is the only tweak that isn’t free, but just love the old-school style it adds.

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