A simple trick for easier USB plugs

There’s this old joke about USB plugs that you have to turn them over twice before they fit in the socket. The problem is that the plug is too symmetrical, so it’s hard to figure out which way needs to be up. Here’s a simple solution!


All USB plugs have the USB logo on the top side. It’s harder to see but all USB plugs have the seam on the underside. What I do is mark the logo with a permanent marker because that makes it dramatically easier to tell which way is up.

That takes care of the plug, but what about the socket? That’s just as symmetrical and hard to see which way is right. Again, use a marker to make it easy to see.

These tips work on all sizes and colors of USB plugs and sockets. Now the only problem is that socket hidden behind your TV screen that you always get wrong. I can’t help you with that but at least all the others are taken care of!

Update: Sorry for the humongous image; I have reduced it now. I’ll try to remember that the WordPress app for Android apparently likes really big images.

Update 2: Reviewing this post after many months reveals embarrassing autocorrects and formatting errors. I hope. I have fixed them now.

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