Use a mantra for your password

So there is a downside to using a password manager like LastPass* and all those corporate single-sign-on tools (when they work): Using passwords as a more-than-daily reminder or mantra is no longer happening.

I still use passwords but I don’t enter them anymore; my password manager does it for me. I have been using LastPass for a long time now, and I thoroughly enjoy the automatic login for anything and everything online.

Enter password

I admit that even LastPass has a password (“the last password you’ll ever need,” as they proclaim) and I still have to enter that every once in a while. Recently I decided to change my ingenious yet well-worn master password – you know, weakest link and all that. But what new password would be good?

I settled on something that works as a personal reminder to appreciate my life. This reminded me of this story of a depressed man who had the epiphany of using the password of his office computer as a mantra for positive change which turned out to be incredibly powerful for him.

I don’t expect that level of life-changing effect for myself, but I figure that when I have to use a password and I have to enter it several of each day, I might as well turn the chore into a life hack. 

PS: If you’re really paying attention you’ll notice that I announced this post on Google+ back in July. I love having a handful of blog posts queued up.

PPS: As it happens, my new cell phone has a fingerprint sensor which the LastPass app recognizes and no longer asks for my master password. Isn’t that ironic? At least I still need to enter it on my computer now and then – often enough for me to remember it.

* referral link.

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