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Maybe not selling after all

Some who know me also know that I have a couple of very cool, very weird keyboards — Star Trek weird: They’re completely flat, have no moving parts, and have no keys! Except that they do have keys, but they are just printed on the surface. And they also act as a mouse and multi-touch gesture surface at the same time.

ST_hands_oblique Continue reading ‘Maybe not selling after all’

Is Dvorak uninternational?

I finally managed to learn Dvorak after all. It feels nice (easy on the fingers) but I’m still not altogether convinced that it was such a brilliant idea: I took the leap while I was between jobs and trained a lot with the “Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor” – that was essential! But it’s a nuisance to use other (normal) keyboards – and I especially notice that when using my (qwerty) PDA. And I also notice that there’s only one way to really learn it: type A LOT!! Continue reading ‘Is Dvorak uninternational?’

Here’s a Danish Dvorak layout

My brother Jan became hooked on the Dvorak keyboard layout years ago and has praised it sky-high. It seems smarter than the regular Qwerty keyboard layout, but it’s not being used for reasons of tradition: Qwerty has been the industry for a hundred years, who cares if it’s really impractical? The users will learn to deal with it. Besides, Qwerty is the default on every device out there, and the whole world has already struggled to learn ten-finger typing on it.

So why switch? One has to learn something first, but it might as well be something smart. That’s why. Continue reading ‘Here’s a Danish Dvorak layout’