Here’s a Danish Dvorak layout

My brother Jan became hooked on the Dvorak keyboard layout years ago and has praised it sky-high. It seems smarter than the regular Qwerty keyboard layout, but it’s not being used for reasons of tradition: Qwerty has been the industry for a hundred years, who cares if it’s really impractical? The users will learn to deal with it.¬†Besides, Qwerty is the default on every device out there, and the whole world has already struggled to learn ten-finger typing on it.

So why switch? One has to learn something first, but it might as well be something smart. That’s why.

So while I was between jobs, I decided to give Dvorak a try. It takes a lot of practice to un-learn a lifetime of typing, but I’m beginning to get enough speed and accuracy now that I feel confident that I can bring this to my workplace (I hope they will let me). But as I started out, I found that Windows has Qwerty built-in for any country you care to mention, but for Dvorak there’s only the US layout. What’s more, there wasn’t a Danish version anywhere that Google could find. There is a Norwegian version, but the installation instructions sound like a Russian rocket manual.

I have now created a simple installer for international Dvorak, at least for the Danish layout. It was so simple even I could do it, and I’m surprised no-one ever did this before! I just downloaded the free Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator which even generates a real Windows installer file that makes it really easy to distribute.

Download it here!

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