Last blog post?

I enjoy writing these blog posts during my morning commute. It’s a quiet time where I can put some thoughts down and share them with anyone who might be interested. But I am considering to stop using computers almost completely, and that would mean that I am not going to write here anymore.

Will anybody care? If you read this then please let me know using the form at the end of this article (preferred) or by sending me an email.

I’m feeling stressed in my private life. Yesterday Rice and I had a good talk about what we can do to change that, and one option was for me to spend less time with computers because frankly I do spent far too much time in front of a computer — at work all day and then at home for surfing, banking, reading — it adds up to fill the hours I could be spending a lot better.

No wonder I’m stressed, so this needs to change. We’re not throwing out all electronics from our home, but I will limit my computing to the bare minimum. This might not be permanent but I will start today.

I have no idea if I even have any readers here and I would like to get some idea. So if you’ve read this then please let me know. A simple hello and your name is enough.

So long. Thanks for reading.

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5 Responses to Last blog post?

  1. Hi Torben, it’s brave of you to take such a decision. I am (or rather was?) reading your blog. I hope to talk to you soon in the real life.

  2. Stefan says:

    Hello. I understand you. I went to work in tourism during summer just to replace long hours of sitting in front of computer with something more active and outdoor.

    I think limiting the use of computer at work would be better choice than limiting it’s use for leisure at home. Or that is what I did for few months. Now I am back to daily IT routine. But it was a nice change.

    Good luck with your commitment…

  3. Mel_your_neighbour says:

    Hi, well you might not be surprised to read me comments until you gave me your card today. Well I find it very interesting here, gotta check out the rest of it. Furthermore how will you be able not to use a PC at work – please let me know when you find a solution that doesn’t danger my working existence :-)

  4. torbengb says:

    Thanks for your comments so far. It’s nice to see that there really were some readers… I hope that I will resume this blog some day (soon?).

    Mel, I want to use computers less in my spare time, I guess I wasn’t specific enough. At work, of course I will continue using computers. There’s no work for me anywhere unless there are computers involved!

  5. “A simple hello and a name is enough”.
    Hmm… Tempting but no cigar :-)
    As you know I can fully understand the choice you have taken.
    Some days I wonder if all us nerds really should be out in a nursery, a hospital or maybe a school. Somewhere where it’s about people and not computers.
    I think thats why i like my taxi so much. After a day behind the screen it’s nice to actually talk and interact with people face to face. That kind’s of brings me back to real life.
    Oh – and I must say I’m flattered. Even though you are offline you still read my I-have-to-write-once-a-month blog :-)

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