New Post

There’s a form to create a new post but I don’t see on what blog it will go so I’ll just try it out – and then check my own blogs to look for it. Wouldn’t it be fun if this post arrived on Tierney’s blog?! I’m sure that’s not the intention, so it probably doesn’t work that way. But it doesn’t say!

A friend has started to blog not using her own domain name but rather using the WordPress platform, and there’s a WP top bar (like Google’s top bar used to be) with a “New Post” button:


The funny thing is that there is absolutely no indication where that new post would be posted, so I just had to try it out:



Disappointingly, it just goes to my main blog and not to my friend’s. But how does WP know which of my blogs to use? There’s probably a preference buried somewhere in my WP account. In fact it turns out that it’s dead-easy to find:



I admit that I had hoped for some spectacular failure, but of course WordPress is way too polished for that.

And now we know.

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