Twins have more fun

I would hope that most of my followers know that I am a twin. If not, well, you do now!

What’s it like? One benefit is that we get to prank people. But to be honest it’s a lot more fun when people make mistakes and wrong assumptions all on their own, without us having plotted and planned any shenanigans.

My brother and I used to have a part of our old website dedicated to some of our best twin stories, but one of our cleanup sprees took those pages offline. That’s going to change now!

Head over to our new sub-site to see a few of our favorite stories!

This won’t be a frequently updated blog but rather an infrequently updated collection of laughs. Feel free to write us, too: send your questions or stories of your own to and we’ll do our best to respond. See you there!

PS: I’ll reveal another blog-in-the-making tomorrow so stay tuned! Bonus points if you’ve found it already.

PPS: Edited several auto-corrects. Posting from my phone evidently requires more scrutiny before submitting the post. The RSS feed still shows the wrong text; can’t recall that but I can at least fix my site. Sorry.

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2 Responses to Twins have more fun

  1. Alas, I thought you were a clone – the product of genetic manipulation!

  2. torbengb says:

    Less “manipulation” and more “freak of nature,” hah. But then again few species have singletons so one could argue that humans are nature’s freaks already. Being a twin is therefore actually _less_ freaky than being a singleton – though admittedly less common.

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