One hundred push ups?

I’ve started on a training program to improve my back muscles. I stumbled upon the website one hundred push ups which offers an exercise plan that caught my interest. The idea is to follow a six-week training program that means I am going to do push ups every other day.

Every training day, the number of required push ups increase ruthlessly: First day, as many push ups in a row as I can (I managed ten). Second training day required 25 push ups (with strategic breaks), and let me tell you that was hard! Third training day:  42. And so on…

By the end of the program, I should be able to do one hundred push ups without breaks!

I’m curious to see how I’ll do. If I survive, I’m going to do two hundred sit-ups next. And then I “just” need to keep that going. It’ll be good for my back.

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