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Hi all. I felt like posting a short message about what’s going on at the moment.

The previously mentioned 100 push ups challenge is coming along nicely. The idea was to train for 6 weeks and then be able to make 100 push ups. Well, I think the only ones who can manage that in just 6 weeks are those that don’t need the training in the first place. I’ve started my training five months ago and I’m now able to do 80 push ups in 15 minutes. I feel that this is an achievement I can be proud of! I’ll get to the 100 eventually, after all it’s not a race against anyone but just for my own fitness.

Having put the Psion Era behind me, I’ve now sold off my old Psion PDA’s with no small amount of sadness, but it had to be done. I sold a lot of stuff on eBay recently and am fairly pleased with the result – I was worried that it would be very bothersome to deal with difficult buyers, but most of them were very friendly and quick. As for the last 25% of the buyers, shame on them. It’s good to see that not all people on the Internet are crooks, but wherever you go you’ll find someone lazy or untrustworthy. I didn’t make any significant money on this (I won’t calculate the hourly wage) but that’s okay. I avoided having to throw stuff away that is actually working and has some value if you just ask the right people.

Junior is coming along nicely, too. I’m very glad to see that everybody is well and enjoying the amazing experience. ‘Nuff said.

At work, we just released a new software version with some huge major changes, and it went surprisingly well. We’re now gearing up for the next version but at the moment we can enjoy a brief lull in the otherwise busy work.

Summer vacation has started for the schools, so the Vienna metro is partially closed for construction projects and my daily commute is much longer than usual, often an hour and a half, often with additional delays even in places where no construction is going on. Not fun, but it will end eventually. And I have another hope, but more on that later.

A friend of mine is building a house, and the major external works were completed yesterday. We went to take a look and were blown away. They’re going to be so happy there, I’m almost envious. No I’m not, but I’m very happy on behalf of my friend and his family.

“A short message.” Sorry about that. You know me.

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  1. Your “Junior is coming along nicely” statement sounds very interesting… looking forward to future hints! :-)

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