10 years in Austria!

We interrupt our regular schedule with this special announcement:


On this day ten years ago, I drove our moving truck into Vienna, and we’ve lived and worked in or near Vienna ever since.

I only realized this recently, so I have not prepared a long retrospective blog post but I do want to make a statement because I feel it’s a significant milestone – even if it’s just a number. I’ll try to make this short(ish).

My life has taken me all over the world; I’ve lived in five countries on two continents and I have moved my permanent address at least fifteen times, averaging a move every two years until I finally settled down in the house we built two years ago. All this moving around has been exciting but also exhausting in the long term.

A few years ago, when we agreed that Korneuburg is a great town to live in, the option of settling down permanently slowly nestled itself in my mind. That’s a major reason why we built a house of our own. It’s our place, and will remain so “forever.” It’s a good, calming feeling that I have not experienced before.

Speaking of feelings, a few other events happened this past decade. I married my wonderful wife, and we now have two young boys. This is my family; I’ve irrevocably graduated into responsible adulthood. It’s the kind of situation you can’t really imagine yourself in before it happens. Sure you’d have a rough idea, but reality is different. It’s so much more. It’s special.

And speaking of reality, all of this needs to get funded somehow. In the past ten years, I’ve had a series of interesting jobs ranging from project management in a tiny web development agency over true software design in a huge insurance company and lastly to application management, working with (anti) money laundering software in a major international bank. It’s been an interesting journey so far and I’m hoping to stay with this bank for a long time.

I can hardly even begin to imagine what the next ten years will hold, but I’m fairly sure it’s going to be even more exciting than these last ten!

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  1. Sabrina Roy says:

    Living in Vienna is a great experience. I moved here 4 years ago. I married here, too. I have 2 years old son. Looking back moving to Vienna was the best decision ever! Greetings!

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